Rice Ring: Its Design, Significance & Ways to Wear

Rice University Ring event is an annual celebration which is associated with alumni. Rice University has a large alumni network that includes its students graduated in the past and now migrated to different parts of the globe. These students are well-settled in their life. This is their pride that they graduated from Rice University. The University has prestige of creating a cream of sophisticated society. This is the real value of organizing this event which is everyone awaits because this is once in a lifetime event.

Opportunities Rice ring event offer

Rice Ring is a great honor and a chance to celebrate the success for a student. The student’s family has a chance to see their young member achieve and prosper in life. The Rice alumni have a chance to meet their old classmates and colleagues.

Rice Ring

This way of get-together helps students to flourish in their career through support of alumni members. Thus, Rice Alumni Ring event offers many great opportunities to many people. Some feel pride in participation and others feel entertaining in attending this event.

Significance of Ring design

What actually the Ring is? The Ring initially designed in 1912 symbolically embodies the distinctiveness of Rice. The design of Athenian Owls on the Rice seal dates back to 5th century B.C. silver coin. The engraving ‘Rice’ on the ring is a hallmark of achievement and highlights the college seal. It joins the primary components of the crowns of sixteen noticeable families bearing the names Rice or Houston. The words “letters, science, and workmanship” on the seal depict Rice College’s dedication to the advancement. All these engravements and marks make this Ring a scholastic ring distinct and more precious than an ordinary ring.

How students wear Rice Ring

Existing students wear the Ring so that the school name face them, but upon graduation, the students face the Ring the other way. This shows that they have challenges of life ahead and they are prepared to face these challenges.