Queries which one faces while applying for ETA  

Electronic travel authority is not a new concept to most people because of the frequent visa applications which are issued by all the tourists nowadays. ETA is an electronic way of linking your visa with it. It contains all the information which are vital for recognizing your identity in a foreign land.

  • The entire work of ETA will be conducted electronically so if you are losing your passport then you will have to reapply for both passport and ETA.
  • The VISA will get issued depending on your motive of visiting and the ETA will also be dependent on the similar thing. If the ETA expires and you are still in the foreign land, then it will be your illegal stay in that place. You can either apply for the new visa or you can leave that place before it expires.
  • If you are an Electronic Travel Authority or ETA holder, you will have to renew it every passing year otherwise it will be invalid.

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  • After you apply for the ETA the processing will start and in between this procedure, you will not be able to cancel it. Since the payment will be made in advance so make sure you are going through the terms of services of ETA.
  • Since all the information is very important so if you are making any mistakes in your ETA application or if there is any mismatch with your passport or visa then the entire application will get canceled. The money which you will be paying in advance will not be refunded and you will have to again apply for a new ETA or visa Australia.

These are the few things which one should be aware of before they are applying for the Australian ETA. For a better clarity visit www eta immi gov au.