Get Australia ETA for Your Short Visit to this Country

Looking to visit Australia? Do you know you can also visit the country without a passport?

Don’t be shocked! People of certain countries are allowed to visit Australia for a short duration if they possess Australia eta. Confused? Well, apart from visas there are other electronic documents that permit foreign nationals to visit this country without any hassle. Have a look at this in detail!

What is ETA?

ETA is short for Electronic Travel Authorization which allows citizens of some countries to visit this country for a short duration. Basically, it is required by people who are exempted from acquiring a visa. An individual can apply for this authorization at any moment, most professionals advice to opt for it as soon as possible. Also, before entering the country one requires having it approved. Lastly, it is connected to one’s passport electronically; hence, it eliminates any hassle.

How can an individual apply for this authorization document?

Previously, there might be a hassle when it came to obtain this, now one can simply apply for visa australia online. All a person requires is to go to the official site of Australian government and provide all the details by filling the form there and submitting it. Also, one requires paying for the process with a credit card.

Who can apply for Australian ETA?

Take a look at the following instances which shows who can apply for this authorization document:

  • Someone who wish to stay in this country for a period of fewer than 3 months.
  • An individual who plans on visiting the country for meeting family and friends, tourism or business purpose.
  • It is a must for people who hold no other Australian visas.
  • Citizens of Singapore, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.

Note: To know about all the countries who can apply visit official website www eta immi gov au.