Everything That You Need To Know About Rice Class Rings

In the state of Texas, Rice is one of the most recognized and prestigious universities that was established in the year 1891. The university was erected in order to meet the growing demand of standard education in the state. The university began its operations with a class of 77 students. Since the time of its inception, the university has grown in its size tremendously. Speaking of the Rice University, it has a strange tradition of class rings which is known as Rice University Rings. The tradition has been followed since the initial days of the university and it is still one of the main traditions that are followed by its students and alumni. If you want to know more about the rice class rings then you should give this article a read.

Facts about the Rice Class Rings:

If you are not a part of the Rice University then it is obvious that you do not have much knowledge about the rice rings. Here are some of the things that you should know about it.

  1. The ring is given to every graduate in the university in order to remind them of their achievements.
  2. The university, every year organizes a grand ring ceremony in order to support the understudies who take part in the ceremony. The celebration is conducted every year during the fall semester.
  3. The Association of Rice Alumni invites students along with their families to take part in the rice ring celebration.
  4. The ring represents the uniqueness of Rice The ring has the university seal imprinted on it.
  5. The ring symbolizes that a student is prepared to take on the world.

Rice rings are an important part of the university and its students. Every student wears it with great pride as it is the mark of their connection with the university.