Events of Rice tradition

The University of Rice is very popular for getting any higher education and class ring in the field of literature, arts,and science. It is a famous Universityin Texas and it is near to the Houston Museum district that is near to the medicalcenter of Texas. William Marsh Rice who is a businessman has established Rice University for the advancement in the respective fields stated above and rice alumni ring in the year 1891.

  • Owl dance: Basically the Rice owl dance is the co-ed small team which mainly encourages people during football games, both women and men basketball along with women’s volleyball games. This team will also promote the spirit of games along with the attendance which the students should maintain throughout the year,  along with participation in different activities of community services. There will be two tryouts for the squad. For the returning student, it will take place during the spring season and for the freshman, it will be during the fall season. The tryouts can be performed by both men and women. So this tryout basically consists of jumps, stunting, dancing, tumbling and many more.


  • MOB: So the Marching Owl Band of Rice University is quite different than the other marching bands. One can encounter its concept during the halftime of the football season, which gives everyone an entertaining as well as thought-provoking performance. The show ideas basically consist of social change, general fantasies,and current events. All the musical arrangements are made with the combined unusual concept for producing something unique as a halftime entertainment. Anyone can be a member of the MOB even if they are not musically gifted. If you are not into instruments then you can also help in the work of production during halftime like show assistant. If you are a part of the MOB then you will get several tickets to the road games, travel,and attendance scholarship.

These are the two types of traditions which are followed in the rice university ring.