3 ways to tell sports handicapping service is dishonest

The internet is flooded with dishonest sports handicapping services. Therefore, you need to be aware of such frauds before you bet your money on their site. Many of these fraud handicapping services are known to provide free sports picks to their customers in order to attract their attention. If you come across any such site make sure that you do good research about the site before, you start betting. In case, if you are looking for reliable sports handicapping service then you can refer to this site Wunderdog.com Sports Handicapper.

How can you tell that a handicapping service is dishonest?

To help you out we have listed 4 ways through which you can tell if sports handicapping service is fraud or not.

  1. When they use a pseudonym: If you see a sports handicapper using a pseudonym, there are high chances that he is a dishonest one. After all, any successful handicapper would love to reveal his real name. You should actually take this thing into the account as your hard earned money is involved in this case.
  2. When they using phony academic credentials: You may come across many sports handicapper who uses professor or doctor in their titles. This is fine if, they have really earned it. However, most of them using such academic credentials are big-time frauds and they are to be avoided.
  3. Living a high-end lifestyle: Any honest handicapper would not spend his time and money rolling a high-end They stay busy putting in the hard effort and are more focussed towards winning unlike, the ones rolling out cash like confetti.

If you notice any of the mentioned traits in any of the handicappers, it is better to avoid them just to be on the safe side.