3 best flavor of e-juices for ladies

There are more than 400 types of e-juices available used to vape and a lot of ladies love to go mild when they vape. Even while they smoke the normal cigarettes they do not want to go high on a flavor which is pungent. Hence, choosing the right flavored Roskilde e-juice can also enhance your experience when you start to vape.

  1. Peppermint e-juice

This is one of the best e-juices which can be used by ladies because it has a mild flavor and also the flavor stays for quite some time after the vape. Hence, a lot of ladies love to go high on peppermint e-juice. The chill it sends down your throat along with a little sweetness can be extra beneficial when you smoke-cigarettes. This is considered to be one of the classic e-juices for ladies especially. Nevertheless, men who are fond of peppermint also can use this e-juice.

  1. Candy crush e-juice

The first and the foremost thing that is cool about this e-juice is the name, The Candy crush e-juice. Ladies get attracted to names quickly but this isn’t just about the name, the flavor of the fruit juice in one vape can make you feel magical and you would love it when the vape comes out in the form of clouds.Hence, this is one of the best E-cigaret for ladies to choose.

  1. Coffee e-juice

Have you missed a morning dose of coffee? You must then try your hands on the coffee vape. This can leave you amazing with the coffee flavor lingering in your system for a long time and this is exclusively made for all those coffee lovers. If you are interested to know how the taste of the coffee can feel when you smoke, then this is the right E-cigaretterto be picked.